The Harrell Design + Build Promise: Quality Work, A Strong Warranty & Proactive Follow-Up Process

At Harrell Design + Build, we pride ourselves on understanding and exceeding our clients’ lifestyle needs through exceptional design and quality construction. Once a project is complete, Harrell backs its work with a one-year warranty and a proactive follow-up process.

Before the warranty even begins, the team works collaboratively while the project is in production to identify and resolve issues upfront. This includes any feedback received from the homeowners along the way.

“Our ultimate goal is a zero-item punch list at our Celebration Walk-Through, which takes place just prior to turning the completed project back over to the clients. While not perfect, we strive to be as flawless as possible,” shares Assistant Project Manager Kelly Burnette, Harrell’s warranty program point person.

Considerable planning and communication go into achieving what Kelly calls a “clean job close.” While a project is in progress, an on-going project punch list is physically posted at the job site.

“This on-site list is a central repository designed to encourage homeowners and our Lead Carpenter working on the project to add items that they discover. This process allows our tradespeople to continuously resolve any issues rather than waiting until a job is nearly complete,” Kelly clarifies.

As the final inspection approaches, a small Harrell Team conducts a preliminary walk-through with “zero punch list” as the goal. During this comprehensive inspection, the project is viewed in its entirety, carefully inspecting each room and all its elements. The team ensures the resolution of outstanding items, identifies and manages new issues as they are discovered, and communicates this information to the homeowners.

A few weeks after the preliminary walk-through and shortly after the Final Inspection, the Harrell Team holds the Celebration Walk-Through. Attended by the homeowners, Designer, Lead Carpenter, Project Manager, and Kelly, this event showcases the finished project.

“Our goal as a Design + Build company is to present a pristine project during the Celebration Walk-through,” says Kelly enthusiastically.

During the Celebration Walk-Through, not only do the homeowners get to see and experience their newly designed home, but they touch and test everything. They turn on appliances and faucets, open doors and drawers, and look closely at every surface. This process helps uncover any issues that the on-going punch list and preliminary walk-throughs may have missed.

Once a project is complete, should any punch list items remain, Kelly tracks the progress, manages material backorders and the replacement of defective items, and schedules the work. She also routinely communicates status updates to the homeowners.

To guarantee homeowners are secure in knowing that any outstanding punch list items will be resolved, Harrell Design + Build has the client hold back a proportional amount of funds until these items are completed. The hold back amount isn’t due and payable until the punch list is complete and the client is satisfied.

After the project is completed, Harrell Design + Build’s robust one-year warranty goes into effect. The warranty covers National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) standards but often goes above and beyond.

The Harrell Warranty Program is outlined in writing, and every client receives a copy after the project conclusion, which also clearly states the warranty start date and duration. Every Design + Build client is presented with their warranty documentation in a binder that also includes product manuals, warranty cards, and final permits. The project file also includes a complete list of model #s, brands, finishes, paint colors, and custom materials along with care instructions, and a 24/7 Harrell emergency contact number.

The one-year coverage warrants against workmanship and defective materials of the following:

  • General warranty covering labor and materials
  • Plumbing and heating
  • Electrical system
  • Sheetrock
  • Masonry
  • Structural components

Clients are encouraged to reach out at any time with questions, concerns, or to report any problems they encounter. “We are here for our clients even after the project is complete. If they have a question or concern, the Harrell Team is always here to help.”

A month or so before the warranty’s expiration, a Harrell Designer reaches out to the homeowner to schedule a one-year warranty walk-through. This on-site visit includes basic maintenance, adjustments, and touch-ups to grout and paint. “We also want to find out if their remodel is living up to their expectations,” shares Kelly.

At Harrell Design + Build, our motto is, “We Never Forget It’s Your Home®.” We also understand that “building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design.”

To learn more about the Harrell Design + Build Design + Build experience, we invite you to attend one of our complimentary workshops or meet with a Designer to explore your home remodel.

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