Outdoor Pergolas Blend Style, Function & Technology

2020 will be known for many things, but it revealed to many homeowners the importance of having a functional outdoor living space. StruXure is an American company specializing in customizable pergolas that embody quality, beauty, functionality and technology.

Since our last article about StruXure’s state-of-the-art pergola products, the company has expanded their residential product line, the “Pergola X,” and introduced the new TraX System, both of which take the outdoor room to a whole new level.

Harrell Design + Build’s award-winning, landscape designer, Lisa Paramorre, Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), appreciates the quality, technology, and functionality of StruXure pergolas and is excited about its latest outdoor innovations.

“These pergolas were initially very popular in commercial spaces, like restaurants and office courtyards, but their popularity in backyards is exploding. Harrell Design + Build clients love the beauty, functionality, and durability of StruXure pergolas,” Lisa reveals.

Completely scalable, the various models of the new Pergola X line can be combined to fit spaces large and small. Patios, courtyards, decks, swimming pools, entryways, verandas, outdoor kitchens, and living rooms can be taken to the “next level” with these inspiring and innovative structures.

The four models include the Pivot 6, Pivot 6XL, Pivot 6 Slide, and Pan 6.

Pivot 6 boasts louvers that pivot a full 170 degrees, allowing as much or as little sunlight into the space as desired. Pivot 6XL spans larger outdoor areas. Much like a car’s sunroof, the Pivot 6 Slide has a center panel that slides open for full sky exposure, while the Pan 6 is a fixed ceiling panel, nifty for any odd spaces that aren’t square or rectangular.

Lisa shares that each of these models can be integrated to create a unique outdoor pergola. “I am also a huge fan of their new, cutting-edge TraX™ System that encloses screens and LED lighting in a hidden channel.”

StruXure’s high tech TraX System houses the wiring and accessories required for lighting and fully-automated roll-up screens. TraX is a separate upgrade channel unit that attaches to any of their pergola systems. Customers can purchase roll-up screens from any manufacturer, such as Phantom Screens, and have them installed within the TraX unit.

“Being able to fully enclose an outdoor space to keep out insects, minimize breezes, and diffuse sunlight is a huge plus for homeowners,” says Lisa. “They can choose the size, style, and color of the screens they want knowing they will install seamlessly with their pergola design.”

To further tailor the standard pergola to blend with the style of any home, StruXure offers a range of architectural add-ons, including cornices, rafter tails, post caps, and bases. There are also options for recessed lighting, ceiling fans, and heaters.

Various color options are available for the frame and louvers, which are powder-coated aluminum. The StruXure Visualizer enables homeowners to mix and match available colors and accessories and see firsthand how their choices will look prior to making a purchase.

Lisa often recommends to clients when choosing a dark pergola frame to opt for lighter colored louvers. “This creates an illusion of height that most people prefer.”

StruXure has partnered with Somfy® the worldwide leader in automation, providing homeowners with the ultimate innovation and smart capabilities with the touch of a finger.

StruXure’s Somfy MyLink™ app allows complete control of any StruXure system, including lighting, screens, louvers, and other accessories. The louvers can be set on a schedule to open and close at specific times using the app. The MyLink app can also be connected with most home automation systems. StruXure systems can be operated with voice commands using Alexa or Google Assistant. For those less technologically inclined, each StruXure pergola also has a separate remote or a manual control option.

Whether you’re asleep or not at home, built-in intuitive wind and rain sensors automatically adjust the pivoting louvers, accordingly, allowing wind to flow freely and keep outdoor furnishings dry.

StruXure’s ingenious and attractive pergolas are engineered and built to the exact specifications required in your unique outdoor space while adhering to all local building requirements.

Intrigued about how your outdoor space could be transformed? Set up a complimentary consultation and allow the designers at Harrell Design + Build to help you explore the possibilities.

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