Margarita P

Harrell Design + Build Designer Margarita Panchenko has worn many hats during her career. Having worked primarily for small firms where she was “thrown in the deep end,” she’s gained expertise in the varied aspects of architecture and construction. Along with a passion for design, she brings depth and breadth of knowledge to Harrell Design + Build and its clientele.

Margarita attained her Master of Science in Architecture. This rigorous seven-year program covered a broad scope of applications, including urban planning, a practical and powerful skill she uses in everything she creates. For her diploma project, she conceived a recreational “casino” city that involved precise planning and intentional design.

“Before proposing a design solution to a client, I always imagine how I would feel in that space,” Margarita explains. “I consider how people live and move about in their homes. By thinking through all of the possibilities and potential problems in advance, I arrive at a functional, aesthetically pleasing design that fulfills the lifestyle needs of the homeowners.”

Margarita’s designer mind loves exploring the unknown and applying new discoveries to her work. She’s a firm believer that knowing the history of a building can inform its future design while also embracing its past. Driven to achieve the utmost quality, she efficiently organizes her work in phases and strives for thoughtful, versatile practicality.

She’s designed numerous high-end homes in Saratoga and Los Altos Hills. Her favorite – a modern 12,000 square-foot residence in Hillsborough.

The collaborative, can-do attitude, and innovative atmosphere drew Margarita to Harrell Design + Build, while the Design + Build aspect allows integration of her abilities from vision to realization.

Fun Fact:

Margarita was born and raised in Siberia, moving to the United States in 2017. Her hobbies and pastimes reflect her need for balance. She thrives on traveling to and exploring large cities but is equally drawn to hiking and camping in remote areas. She also enjoys designing clothes, which she finds to be a blend of method and meditation.