Walk-in closet

Home Remodeling Projects: Closets and Organization

One of the latest trends in home remodeling is creating functional closet space. The idea is to bring organization and functionality to your bedroom closet. Ideally, you should be able to go into your closet and see all of your choices, from head to toe. Create functional space that let you walk around, rather than standing at the door and guessing what gems are hidden away inside. When doing a home remodeling project, especially a whole home remodel or one that involves bedrooms, take the time to consider what you love and hate about your clothes closets now. Maybe you like having two levels of clothing racks, or perhaps your can’t see or reach hats, ties or other accessories. Join forces with your design and build remodeling contractor to create a space that works for you and each person in your household. Here are a few points to consider.

Lighting should be easy to turn on and off. Either use a sensor that automatically turns on your lights when you enter, or make sure that the switch is easily accessible. Lighting should be bright enough so that you can see all of the items in your closet. Keep in mind that the type of lighting can change the appearance of some colors and materials.

Space and Organization
It seems that there is never enough closet space. Layout is important, as it keeps things organized. If you can’t see what you have, you need more space and a better design. Don’t forget to save room for things that don’t need to be on hangers.

Once you have chosen some items to wear, you’ll need to see how they look. Placing a full-length mirror in your closet as well as in the bedroom may make selections easier before you try on your clothes.

Shoe selection can make or break an outfit. Keeping footwear close to the floor can be helpful when envisioning an outfit. However, if reaching down to try on shoes is challenging, raising the shoe space probably makes more sense.

Coordinated Separates
When considering your closet design in a home remodeling project, decide whether you need more space for shorter coordinating separates or for longer pieces, like dresses and long coats. Coordinating pants and tops may be easier when the choices are above and below each other.

Accessories are usually the last element chosen when putting together an outfit. Be sure to leave space for them where they can be seen and appreciated.